dali tunga table

The design of this table was an idea. It was born out of a striking moment, totally innocent, and without cause. It was only when I  drew it out that the piece started to develop into a sign, or some sort of symbol.  The shape started to take on an interpretation, a subconscious  representation of an image I had seen before. In this case, it was a Salvador Dali figure.  I started to go through the process of creating it as a 3-Dimensional entity. Then it started to become my own process of surreal symbolism.  It became a metaphor for a few things. Furniture making is a process in itself. I had a design, but I never wanted to work within a restricted zone. I let the wood come alive, the piece go through transitions. I found liberty in allowing the process to be truly organic, and one can see those elements in my work.

The table became a metaphor for my life as an artist. My creative process is intuitive. I have chosen to do a piece that is extraordinary, and some may not see any beauty in it at all. It doesn’t have exact measurements, order, or give the viewer a clear understanding of why I did things the way I did. While this can be nerve-wracking, I had to believe that it would come together just as I intended. Approaching endeavors this way is never easy. It breaks this way and that way and can be disappointing. However, I never wanted to let this prevent me from exploring the evolution of the process. I like to dig my hands in; elbows deep in the mud. I would not be satisfied any other way. Once the table came together, the symbolism became ever-present to me. I allowed the subconscious to be part of my work.

Width 34.6″, Depth 18.6″, Height 18″


~ by luxe. on January 6, 2010.

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