Ever wonder who designs all the youthful, over-the-top, mid-range clothing stores in Europe? Or even better, the name brand designer bars? Companies like Stella Artois, Grey Goose, and Bombay Sapphire leave Puresang in charge of designing the 20’s & 30’s crowd hot spots. They have an impressive line-up of projects that range from Belgium to Spain [with offices in both locations]. The Grey Goose bar in Brussels is probably one of my favorites, with Clinic in Antwerp coming in second. The site is also worth exploring endless concepts and built environments. You never know where you’ll end up!

Grey Goose bar and headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Images courtesy of Frank Gielen via Dezeen, 2009.

Puresang on the project:

Grey goose vodka asked Puresang to design a full operating bar in their headquarters in Brussels. The design became a very exciting play of blue mirrors, cut in triangles and mounted in 3D against the wall to create more depth and tactility in the rather small space. The client asked for a high-roller drinking environment that could also be used as a meeting room. That’s why the high gloss bar runs over in the meeting table. The atmospheric light structure is custom made for this project and reflects the sparkles of ice. The wall at the end of the bar gives the room a dramatic feel without being too ‘product placing’. The bottles are used as a screen that feels as an ice wall. Light and projection of light are the main features in this room, creating different perspectives by changing the way you’re located in the space.

Original post by Rose Etherington of Dezeen.


~ by luxe. on May 15, 2010.

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